Chain Link Fence Rental Service

Cal-State Site Services rents the widest selection of chain link fences with gates and accessories in Southern California.

Our chain link fence rentals can be installed as freestanding panels or post-driven for any ground surface. They can be fitted with screens, fence guards, top rails, tension wire or barb/razor wire for maximum security to prevent intruders.

Whether you require temporary chain link fencing for a construction site, outdoor event, emergency restoration or other occasion, we have it at the best rental prices.

You can rest assured that our durable chain link fences will not get flimsy or topple over because our installations are done by trained professionals with decades of experience.

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Types of Chain Link Fence

  • Post-Driven Galvanized, 11.5-Gauge
  • Freestanding Panels
  • Post-Driven Panels
  • Mini-Mesh

Chain Link Fence Rental Sizes

Post-Driven4', 6', 8' H x ∞ W
Freestanding Panels4', 6', 8' H x 10' W
Freestanding Gates6', 8' H x 4' W

Rental Availability

Rent a chain link fence, with or without a gate, in these SoCal service areas:

Product FAQs

How strong are your chain link fences?

Our 9-gauge chain link fences are zinc coated with a galvanized after weaving (GAW) finish. A GAW chain link fence is very durable and provides superior corrosion and rust resistance.

How sturdy are they?

Our chain link fences can be installed as freestanding or post-driven. Freestanding fences have flat, wide leg stands to maintain stability and prevent it from wobbling or tipping over from average usage. Post-driven fences have their posts driven 12″ into the ground.

Are they interlocking?

Yes. A post-driven fence is wired together onto posts. Freestanding panels on stands are clamped together.

Do you rent chain link gates?

Yes. We offer chainlink swing single and double gates in widths from 4′ pedestrian walk gates to 28′ double drive vehicle gates for 4′ and 6′ tall fences. For 8′ tall fencing, we offer up to 20′ wide single and double gates.

Do you rent mini mesh chain link?

Yes. Our mini mesh chain link fabric has 1 1/4″ mesh size hole openings. This is 1″ smaller than our standard chain link fences. Smaller openings make it more difficult to climb or manually cut through. Mini mesh is most commonly used at pool construction sites. Call us at (800) 499-5757 or request a free quote online.

What chain link fence accessories are optional?

We offer protective fence guards, privacy/windscreens, top rails (post-driven only) and barbed/razor/tension wire for all our chain link fences and gates. Privacy/windscreens are installed on fences at 6 ft or 8 ft heights.

Do you deliver, set-up and install?

Absolutely! Part of our rental agreement includes the delivery, set-up and installation and removal from your site location.

What is the price to rent a chain link fence?

Price varies based on rental quantity and duration length. Call us at (800) 499-5757 or request a free quote online.

Chain Link Fence Accessories Optional Upon Request

Privacy Fence Screens & Windscreens

We rent privacy fence screens/windscreens to fit our 6 ft tall and 8 ft tall chain link fences (freestanding and post-driven) and matching gates.

They are constructed of knitted polyethylene mesh with 85% blockage.

Each has black binding and grommets. Available in 6 colors.

  • Highly effective in dampening wind, resisting water, mold, and mildew, providing privacy, and cutting UV rays.

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Barb Wire & Razor Wire

We also rent barb wire and razor wire along the top of our 6 ft tall and 8 ft tall chain link fences and matching gates.

Each wire type will discourage fence climbers. We advise customers check with local laws to learn if barb/razor is permitted or violates a city ordinance.

We normally install barb wire by stringing its three strands from post to post in a straight line, or arranging the barb arms at a 45 degree angle. The latter method is very rare because the barb sticks out into a walking path.

We install razor wire to create either a circular effect or ring effect around the barb wire. You can’t rent razor wire without also renting barb wire.

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Poly Cap Fence Guards

We rent poly cap fence guards on our freestanding and post-driven chain link fences. They are very popular at baseball sports fields because they look beautiful and help reduce player injury due to their high visibility.

  • 4 1/2″ diameter polyethylene construction.
  • Available colors: bright “safety” yellow and black.
  • Ideal fence protection from sharp chainlink edges.

We secure the poly cap fence guards along the top of the chain link fence with or without an optional top rail.

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Swing Gates

Our swinging chain link gates come in a variety of different widths to complete your job site. We offer chain link swing single and double gates in widths from 4′ pedestrian walk gates to 28′ double drive vehicle gates for 4′ and 6′ tall fences. For 8′ tall fencing, we offer up to 20′ wide single and double gates.

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Top Rails

If you rent a freestanding panel chain link fence, a top rail is included. However, if you rent a post-driven chain link fence, a top rail is optional and available upon request.

Top rails on a post-driven chain link fence are beneficial for several reasons.

  • Adds more rigidity and strength to the terminal posts at each end.
  • Provides the look of a permanent fence without a high price tag.

Adding a 1 3/8″ top rail to a post-driven chain link fence is a great option for residential areas.

Why Rent a Chain Link Fence from Cal-State Site Services?

Quality Materials

Our chain link fences are made of the best quality to withstand heavy usage.

Huge Inventory

We stock a huge inventory of chain link fences for any event attendance.

Work Experience

Since 1991, we have been renting chain link fences in Southern California.

Professional Service

Every step of renting a chain link fence is handled by trained professionals.

Competitive Prices

Our competitive chain link fence rental prices are the best value in SoCal.

Industry Focus

Multiple industries trust us set up and install temporary chain link fences.

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