Plastic Fence Rental Service

If you need to temporarily protect an area that is too difficult to use chainlink, like hills and rural areas, then a plastic fence from Cal-State Site Services may be the answer.

We rent orange plastic fences primarily as highly visible perimeters for tree protection, construction sites, utility crew work areas, parking lot designation and directions at events.

Due to its bright orange color, plastic fences may also be labeled as:

  • Safety fences
  • Construction fences
  • Warning fences
  • Barrier fencing

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orange plastic fence

Plastic Fence Features

  • Orange heavy duty Polyethylene
  • Post-Driven only

Plastic Fence Rental Sizes

Heights4', 6'
Lengths50', 100'

Product FAQs

Do your plastic fences tear easily?

No. Our plastic fences are made of heavy duty Polyethylene that will not tear or rip from normal usage. Plus, our plastic fencing is UV stabilized and resistant to temperature changes so it will not crack or fade.

What type of posts do you use?

We use steel posts to drive them into the ground.

Are they interlocking?


What is the mesh size?

1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″.

Is a silt fence something different?

Yes. A silt fence (aka filter fence) is constructed of 3′ tall black fabric panels without mesh holes. It’s function is to allow water through while holding sediment back. If you require a silt fence, please call us for details.

Do you deliver, set-up and install?

Absolutely! Part of our rental agreement includes the delivery, set-up and installation and removal from your site location.

What is the price to rent a plastic fence?

Price varies based on rental quantity and duration length. Call us at (800) 499-5757 or request a free quote online.

Why Rent a Plastic Fence from Cal-State Site Services?

Quality Materials

Our plastic fences are made of the best quality to withstand heavy usage.

Huge Inventory

We stock a huge inventory of plastic fences for any event attendance.

Work Experience

Since 1991, we have been renting plastic fences in Southern California.

Professional Service

Every step of renting a plastic fence is handled by trained professionals.

Competitive Prices

Our competitive plastic fence rental prices are the best value in SoCal.

Industry Focus

Multiple industries trust us to handle their needs for temporary plastic fences.

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