Portable Sink Rentals in Orange County, CA

When you need to rent portable sinks in Orange County, CA for an outdoor application, hire Cal-State Site Services.

Our licensed and insured crews will deliver on time and professionally set up hand wash sink stations and hot sinks at your private or public site location.

All our portable sinks are self contained commercial units for rental use only.

portable sink rentals

Hand Wash Sink Station Rentals

We rent 1 type of portable hand wash sink station to handle small or large crowds in Orange County. Promote good hygiene at a temporary job site or special outdoor event by renting a self contained hand wash station.

regular dual basin sink

Regular Dual Basin



Hot Sink Station Rentals

Rent a hot sink with portable food vendor sink-requirements in mind. We’ve designed and built this self contained unit to accommodate temporary food facility (TFF) operators and outdoor caterers who require instant hot water.

hot sink rental

3 Compartment Hot Sink



If you rent from us, you will understand how we have managed to establish Cal-State Site Services as the best service provider of portable sink rentals in Orange County, CA.

Rental Occasions

Our portable sinks are available for rent to the public for any crowd gathering occasion.

  • Concerts
  • Street Festivals
  • Company Picnics
  • Sports Events
  • County Fairs
  • Weddings
  • Quinceaneras
  • Birthdays

Product FAQs

How many sinks do I need to rent?

That depends based on the event or job site, and if there are portable toilets on the premises. For example, we recommend 1 regular dual basin sink station for every 3 standard toilets.

How many dispenses does a sink produce?

Our regular dual basin station produces 1,408 dispenses.

Can people drink from your sinks?


What is included with your wash sinks?

Liquid soap and paper towels are included with all our hand wash sink stations. The soap dispenser has an ADA-compliant push pad and large view windows that monitors the sanitizer level. It meets OSHA protocols.

Can your sinks attach to your toilets?

We can attach a regular single basin sink station to the side of our standard toilets. Attaching sinks to our other toilets would not apply because they already have sinks inside.

What is the price to rent a sink?

Price varies based on sink station type, rental quantity and duration length. Call us at (800) 499-5757 or request a free quote online.

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Why Rent a Portable Sink in Orange County from Cal-State Site Services?

Quality Materials

Our portable sinks are made of the best quality to withstand heavy usage.

Huge Inventory

We stock a huge inventory of portable sinks for any event attendance.

Work Experience

Since 1991, we have been renting portable sinks in Orange County.

Professional Service

Every step of renting a portable sink is handled by trained professionals.

Competitive Prices

Our competitive portable sink rental prices are the best in Orange County.

Industry Focus

Multiple industries trust us to handle their needs for portable sinks.

How many handwashing sink stations do you need?

Calculating how many handwashing sink stations you need to rent for a special event or construction job site in Orange County is usually determined by the number of standard toilets present.


The following recommendation is based on our regular dual basin handwashing sink station:

A min of 1 handwashing station for every 3 toilets

For example, if you rent 60 toilets, we recommend you rent 20 handwashing stations. Remember that handwashing usage can increase if food and beverages are served, or if the event has higher than normal levels of dirt or mud.


The following law requirement is based on Section 1527 in Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations:

A min of 1 handwashing station for every 20 employees

However, if there are less than 5 employees working at the job site, and only 1 portable toilet is provided, then the required handwashing facility may be located inside of the toilet. In this instance you would need to rent our Deluxe toilet.

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